Economic Development Council

16 members appointed in accordance with the EDC bylaws; members include the mayor and one member of the City Council appointed by the City Council.

Contact:  Economic Development Council 931-647-2331


  • Ron Bailey (EDC)
  • Keith Bennett (EDC)
  • Daniel Binkley (CBID)
  • Matt Cunningham (EDC)
  • John Wallace Crow (EDC)
  • Mayor Jim Durrett (County)
  • Mark Green (State Senator)
  • Shannon Green (County Mayor)
  • Tim Harvey (EDC)
  • Jason Hodges (State House)
  • Ginna Holleman (EDC)
  • Millard House (CMCSS)
  • Curtis Johnson (State House)
  • Suzanne Langford (EDC Chair)
  • James Lewis (County)
  • Kyle Luther (EDC)
  • Gary Norris (City)
  • Mayor Joe Pitts  (City Mayor)
  • Bill Powers (State Senator)
  • Jay Reedy (State House)
  • Khandra Smalley (EDC)
  • Paul Turner (EDC)
  • Alisa White (APSU)

Contact the Board

For more information contact the Council at 931-647-2331.